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By | October 30, 2018

Health Write for Us:- We are dependably watchful for visitor essayists and patrons who can impart insights, bits of knowledge and profitable substance identified with our specialty. On the off chance that you think you have exceptional written work aptitudes, cool traps, tips, fine arts or ideas to share at Health “ write for us “.

Visitor Post Guidelines: Health Write for Us

Posts MUST have a well being edge. If you don’t mind take note of that we are a well being site, so we’re searching for a health edge in your post. Composing counsel is incredible; however please tie it into physical/enthusiastic/otherworldly health.

Posts MUST hold any importance with essayists and additionally other imaginative specialists. Straight well being posts are not appropriate. We require posts that particularly address those medical problems important to journalists and other innovative specialists.

All posts must be unique substance. We will check for literary theft and copyright plagiarism and Copyscape encroachment, so please simply don’t do it. You may cite up to three experts in your post as long as you list the suitable sources. We additionally energize think about references.

Posts must be of high caliber. Our perusers have generally expected quality material, and that is all we distribute.

Posts must fit with the mission of the site. You can allude to our central goal here. We don’t acknowledge general well being articles, for example, that aren’t custom fitted particularly for our crowd, which incorporates journalists, Health “write for us” painters, performers, and different creatives.

Posts must not be utilized to publicize your items. We don’t acknowledge posts that are camouflaged ads for your items. You may incorporate your site in your profile.

Connections- Extreme connections or connections that seem, by all accounts, to be partnered or spam related will be evacuated.

We don’t permit republishing. Posts acknowledged by Health Write for Us have a place with the site. We don’t permit copy material. You may advance the article on your site or online networking accounts, in the event that you want. Advancing does not mean you post the whole article on these gatherings. You may incorporate a connection to your visitor post and a short sentence or two clarifying what the article is about.

Altering-Health Write for Us maintain whatever authority is needed to alter blog entries, so kindly don’t be outraged on the off chance that we recommend changes.

OrganizingHealth Write for Us want to get posts as Word archives, with a suitable title and no less than three subheadings. Word tally can extend from 500 to 2,500. We are additionally eager to take a gander at longer posts.

Credit- Writers may incorporate a short bio (100 words or less), individual photograph, and connections to their sites, up to two online networking locales, and up to two book purchasing destinations (on the off chance that you have distributed books).

Pay-Health Write for Us don’t pay for entries. On the off chance that you choose to present a post to our site, you do as such with the information that you should not be qualified for any remuneration for composing the post or for some other pay identified with the post. We get a huge number of guests every month, offering you critical introduction. We likewise advance the posts on different web-based social networking channels; however we don’t ensure a specific webpage or gathering of people reach.

Refusal-Health “Write for us” maintains whatever authority is needed to decline posts that don’t fit with our central goal