Privacy Policies

We adhere to the most updated and trustworthy operational procedure when it comes to our set of privacy policies. Customers are the most significant asset to us and so are their personal and non-personal information. The privacy policies apply to all the products and services offered by the web site.

Why do we need customer information?

Information usually taken from customers are categorized as personal or non- personal.

Non personal information: refer s to the type of device you are using for browsing our web site and undergoing a transaction with us, name of the browser you are using. Sharing such pieces of information apparently do not make any gesture of threat in any buyer but in return it yields a great favor to our website. Certain such information are really helpful in building up cookies, building upon internet based application relevant to our website and following the citation of our website.

Personal information: refers to information related to your name, contact number, address, e- mail ID and VISA cards. Many people of a conservative mind set has yet been very hostile or rather uncomfortable towards online shopping, for the sheer reason that they have to share such critical information. We are a safe shopping certified website where we have tested web system installed to maintain the privacy of each and every customer of ours. We have a team of very few who are permitted to the rights of handling the personal information of the customers which are mainly used to:

  • Complete the money transaction related to a particular product bought from our website.
  • For an efficient and effective on time delivery of the product to your door step.
  • For contacting you and keeping you posted about the step wise progress towards making the product reach your hands from the time you have done a payment for the same in the site.
  • In case if you subscribe to newsletters of our website, we can mail you the updates time to time.

All the credit cards related information provided by you are transmitted via SSL ( Secure System Layer), which assures the added safety of your card details, as none of the valid information are there after even visible to our site but are only under the jurisdiction of your bank who completes the transaction for us the way they do any regular transaction for you.

We believe in supporting hands against cyber- crime and maintaining internet ethics, where your information helps us in serving you better and helping ourselves in maintaining & updating a secured online transaction system time to time.