What is The Career Scope and Growth in Physiotherapy?

By | October 30, 2018

Before staring career in this first, you need to understand what physiotherapy is? Physiotherapy is a health profession that is generally directly focused on the science of movements and help people to restore, maintain and maximize their physical strength. It is directed towards the prevention and alleviation of movement’s dysfunction in people.

  • Role and Responsibilities:

The people who work as a physiotherapist help the patients in the treatments of physical difficulties that may occur due to the accident, injury, again, disability.

They need to properly understand the patient condition to identify and treat their physical problems. Give them right suggestions, encourage them for exercise, tell them about different techniques, and educating about the conditions and therapy programs.

  • What education did they require to start their career in this?

They need to clear a bachelor degree or Master’s degree in physiotherapy. There are a number of medical colleges and institutes which provide a 4-year degree. After completion of your bachelor or master’s start taking training from any hospital, Rehabilitation centers, and health clinic.

  • Where they can do the work?

They can do work in Hospitals, Rehabilitation centers, clinic, nursing homes, schools, sports industry, sports club, and clinic or as a trainer in universities.

Candidates from a science background can easily pursue a degree in this field. Candidates must have good communication skill, strong knowledge of chemistry and biology, also in health in physical education.

  • Career scope for physiotherapist:

Career scope and growth of physiotherapist is so high and also the demand for the professional candidates is on rising day by day. The career in this can be lead to a variety of interesting and challenging job in the healthcare system.  They can do the specialization in their interesting job profile such as pediatrics, geriatrics, neurology, cardiorespiratory, and orthopedics. They can also go into research & Development department.

The candidates may easily find many opportunities in their work with their skill and high-level ability. It is quite easy in this profession to get the fastest growth and high position like moving into supervisory or management positions, teaching positions, or they may decide to open their own clinic or service.

  • Salary and job prospects:

Salary scope of the candidates may vary according to the different posts. It may depend on different factors such as education, skills, experience, industry etc. the average salary of a physiotherapist is 178,665 per year. After gaining some experience one can easily earn a higher salary package. It is low in the beginning but after some advanced courses and experience it jumps up extraordinarily.

There are plenty of opportunities for the candidates, who want to do physiotherapist jobs. They can get the job in both public as well as in private sector.

  • Top colleges and institutes:
  • School of Physiotherapist, SSG hospital
  • Institute of Applied Medicines and Research,
  • Nizam’s Institute of Medical science
  • National Institute of Management & Technology
  • Amity Institute of Physiotherapist

Start your career in this field to achieve the great success in future. One can get the job in India as well as in abroad.